How to find your own house in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Home sweet home.

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Image via Microsoft

While Microsoft Flight Simulator is not an exact replica of the world, it does come extremely close. As such, you may have been flying around and wondered if you can find your own house. There is a way to do it, but it will just take a tiny bit of work for you to be able to see if your own home is represented in the game.

Step 1

You will need to use an online service like Bing Maps or Google Maps to find the exact coordinates of your house. On both services, you can enter your address in the search bar to zoom in on your own house and place a pin in it. On Bing, right-click on the pin that will appear on the map. At the bottom of the options that appear, you will be able to copy in the coordinates of your house. On Google Maps, hit the “What’s here?” option to see your coordinates. 

Step 2

Copy the coordinates and open up Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Map. Past the coordinates in the search field there. A new option will appear in the “Custom” field below the search bar, and you can click on this to set it as a departure point or a destination.

If you set as your departure point, your plane will appear in the air above the location, so it might be hard to find. You can always take off from the nearest airport, and set it as your destination, making it easy to plan a good approach to see your own home.

You may want to use the Assistance menu for this, as it will make it much easier to know exactly where your home is. You can set it up to show destination waypoints and then fly straight to the destination without needing to fiddle around with multiple maps.