How to Fish in Eastward Octopia DLC

Fishing in this pixel RPG gone farming game is actually harder than I expected.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Farming sims must have a fishing minigame, and Eastward Octopia delivered a unique fishing minigame with its style. But with all new things comes the effort of having to learn how they work. As a farmer, you’re supposed to fish. By definition, a farmer is a person who owns and manages a farm. So, if there happens to be a lake or river on your farm, you have to take care of the fish in it.

While some might argue that feeding algae to the fish might be a nicer way to look after your body of water, Eastward Octopia goes hard on the cooking recipes. And there is no way I’m going through all that cooking without some fish. However, as much as I like to sit quietly by a fishing rod and wait for the fish to catch my bait before calling it a day, Eastward Octopia doesn’t agree with my version of fishing.

It seems it would much rather shove this wiggly blue circle at my face and have me do the hard work. Since I had to bite the bait of Eastward’s fishing mechanic and chew it on my own, here’s a guide on how the fishing minigame works and how to use bait in Octopia.

How Eastward Octopia’s Fishing Minigame Works

Octopia Eastward How to Fish Tutorial
Screenshot by Gamepur

To fish in Eastward Octopia, move the bobber around the circle until it’s near one of the fish. Then, press the Fish/Reel button to drop it inside the body of water. Once the fish swims by it, press the Fish/Reel button again to start the tug-of-war game.

Octopia Eastward How to Fish Tutorial
Screenshot by Gamepur

The key to getting a fish’s attention without causing it to swim to safer waters is to cast the line in front of them, but at a safe distance to not spook them. Once you’ve cast your line, keep it frozen until the fish bites.

Then, chase the fish around the circle’s outline by moving in the same direction as they’re moving. When you’re just on its tail, press the Fish/Reel button. You’ll have to do this three times before successfully catching fish in Eastward Octopia.

How Bait Works in Eastward Octopia

Octopia Eastward How to Use Bait
Screenshot by Gamepur

After the third day, you can purchase Bait from William in Eastward Octopia. Bait doesn’t make the fishing minigame easier; instead, it resets the fish swimming in the water.

So, let’s say you kicked off your morning with a quick fishing trip, and you’ve either emptied the lake or had every fish run away because your fishing skills suck. You don’t need to get your bearings and go fish somewhere else. Just use bait to reset the fish swimming in the body of water.

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This also works to get fish of a different rarity. If you want blue or pink fish to spawn and are stuck with a lake full of whites, you can use bait in Eastward Octopia to get a new set of fishies.