How to Make Shrimp Dumplings in Eastward Octopia

Cooking is fun, unless you’re being blackmailed into it by a grumpy visitor. Here’s how to make Shrimp Dumplins in Eastward Octopia.

How to Make Shrimp Dumplings

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Eastward Octopia goes surprisingly hard on the cooking mechanic for a farming sim game. In fact, most of your quests will be tied to your cookbook, so you better get comfortable with it. Cooking is great for getting some extra stamina — or replenishing the entire stamina bar you just depleted trying to understand how fishing works. And though Sam seems to have an inexhaustible stock of bread she gobbles up every morning, it doesn’t hurt to give John a meal a day.

Soup and Grilled Sweet Potatoes might be enough for him, but they’re definitely not enough for Lee, the grumpy villager who occasionally comes by Octopia. Because you were kinda rude when he first arrived — and by you, I mean Solomon — you can give him a peace offering in the form of food. Specifically, Shrimp Dumplings. While that does sound like a tasty meal, sourcing all the ingredients to cook Shrimp Dumplings isn’t nearly as appealing. In this guide, I’ll help you cook Shrimp Dumplings in Eastward Octopia.

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How to Get All Ingredients to Cook Shrimp Dumplins in Eastward Octopia

How to Get Flour Eastward
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To cook Shrimp Dumplings, you’ll need three ingredients: Shrimp, Carrots, and Flour. Let’s see how you can gather each one in Eastward step by step.

How to Get Shrimp in Eastward Octopia

How to Get Shrimp Eastward
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To get Shrimp in Eastward Octopia, go fishing just south of your farm and look for blue fish swimming around the fishing minigame circle.

The reason you want to keep an eye out for blue fish instead of white or pink is because Shrimp only spawns in that color. If you’re not getting blue fish, either try a different river or pond or use a bait to reset the fishing minigame circle and fill it with new fish.

How to Get Carrot in Eastward Octopia

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Carrot Seeds are the easiest ingredient you can source to make Shrimp Dumplings in Eastward Octopia. You just have to head to William’s Trading Post in Octopia’s city center, purchase a few, and grow them on your farm.

How to Get Flour in Eastward Octopia

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To get Flour in Eastward Octopia, purchase Wheat seeds from William’s Trading Post, grow Wheat on your farm, and Mill it with Yuyuu’s help.

Wheat takes three days to grow, so plan accordingly so you don’t fail Lee’s Shrimp Dumplings quest. Once it’s fully grown, just take it to Yuyuu, pay the 50 salts fee, and get this quest done.