How to fix Atomic Heart map not working issue

No map, no navigation.

Image via Mundfish

Like many games, Atomic Heart lets its players use a map to navigate through its world. The map isn’t available at the beginning, but you will eventually unlock it. Unfortunately, some players have been reporting that the map is not working, even after they should have unlocked it. In this guide, we will show you how you can fix the Atomic Heart map not working issue.

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How to fix the map issue in Atomic Heart

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Before trying to fix the issue, ensure you have unlocked the map. The map will not become available until you have escaped the Vavilov Complex and boarded the train at Lesnaya. Afterward, you should be able to access the map by pressing the ‘M’ key on your keyboard or the designated button on your controller. Furthermore, keep in mind that the map will not open when you’re inside a bunker or dungeon. You can only access it when you’re outside. If the map is still not opening for some reason, you can try the following methods.

Update the game

The first thing you should try is updating Atomic Heart. Mundfish has released several updates to try and fix the issues players have been facing in the game. Making sure you have installed the latest version is the first step to fixing any issues. Restarting the game is the quickest way to check for a new update.

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Save your game outside of a building

Some Atomic Heart players claimed that their map stopped working after entering a building and coming out. Due to a bug, the game thinks they are still inside the building, so it does not open. To fix this, you need to first save your game using an outside spot, restart Atomic Heart, and then load the save file you created. The map should start working normally again afterward.