How to fix Discord connection issues

Discord should be operational again, but users may still need to restart.

Image via Discord

Discord suffered from an outage earlier today, the second one this week. The outage prevented users from sending messages or connecting to the app. The disruption affected the API, which is what enables users’ ability to log in, join calls, and send messages. This was the same problem influencing Discord that happened earlier in the week, and that outage lasted for a few hours.

Fortunately, today’s outage only lasted for 20 minutes. Discord has reported that the connection has been fully restored, and people should be able to access Discord again. However, if users are still having connection issues, the Discord Twitter account suggests restarting the client to fix these issues.

Exiting or closing the Discord app and reopening it should restart the client. However, sometimes users will need to force quit the application. Usually to force quit an app, users need to right-click the Discord icon and close it from there. On a desktop, a user can also hit Crtl+Alt+Delete and look for the app in Task Manager to force it to close.

If the connection issues persist, then we suggest that the user either restart their device or reconnect to the internet. A user has to first disconnect from the internet to reconnect, which involves unplugging their router, waiting for a few seconds, and then plugging it back in.