What does API outage mean on Discord and how to fix it?

This error usually equates to a worldwide server outage.

Image via Discord

Although Discord is typically able to send and deliver messages within seconds, there will be errors that either block this process from happening or may even stop users from logging in. This includes the infamous API outage, which is a result of a lost connection. However, this particular error isn’t the fault of a user or their own internet connection.

An API outage within Discord essentially means that its main interface cannot be used due to a server issue on Discord’s end. Thus, the problem is mainly out of your hands. If you’ve been made aware of an API outage, it is crucial that you first check Discord’s dedicated status site. This page not only shows the exact times of when the outage began but will detail Discord’s plan for getting users back online.

It is important to check the page every so often, as Discord will begin to slowly allow users back onto the platform once the issue has been resolved. If the page does display an update noting that users can begin to log in again, we recommend that you then close and restart the application, as it may not allow you to get into your account otherwise.

Lastly, if the site does not display any hint of an API outage, you may need to submit a request to Discord Support. In most cases, the support team will respond to the request via e-mail to help you get the application back up and running.

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