How To Fix Error Code 14515 in MW2 – Explained

Looking to fix error code 14515 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Here’s the best way.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 error code 14515 is one of many frustrating errors players might encounter in multiplayer. It comes with the message “Failed to start matchmaking,” meaning it is impossible to get into any match. The cause and fix for this error code is as simple as it is aggravating, and we’ll provide all the guidance we can on it in this guide to Modern Warfare 2.

What is Error Code 14515 in Modern Warfare 2?

Image via Activision

In short, MW2 error code 14515 is a problem with Activision’s Call of Duty servers. The systems in charge of running the online section of the game, whether Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone, are either overloaded due to increased traffic, are down for routine maintenance, or are experiencing an outage for any number of other reasons.

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How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 14515

As for fixing error code 14515, there is little you or I can do as players to address the issue. It’s not the fault of your internet or your connection to Call of Duty, nor is it a hardware problem you can manage. The only surefire cure is patience. The folks in charge of Call of Duty’s servers will undoubtedly be aware of the issue and will be working like hell to get it fixed ASAP.

Is Call of Duty Servers Down? How to Check Call of Duty Server Status

There are a few good ways to keep track of Call of Duty’s server status (as much as we can from outside the system). The first is the official Call of Duty server status page. This page will show whether CoD services are out, limited, or all online. There isn’t much detail here, making a timetable for fixing error 14515 hard to pin down.

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A better snapshot of the Call of Duty server status is the Downdetector page for the game. You’ll get a bar graph of the last 24 hours of server outage activity there. If you see a spike, that means there’s something actively wrong, and if the graph’s peaks are starting to decrease, services are beginning to come back online. It’s hard to say how long it will take for a server branch to fully restore, but everything tends to settle in a few hours at most. Usually, anyway.

I wish there were better options for solving Modern Warfare 2 error code 14515, but as the problem is entirely at Activision’s feet, there’s only so much anyone can do who isn’t directly involved in the servers’ everyday upkeep.