How To Fix Error Code 277 In Roblox

Roblox is almost entirely based online and can have several issues due to this, such as Error Code 277, which will ruin every fan’s day.

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There are more games than any single person could hope to play housed inside Roblox. What started as a game has become a full-blown platform, and millions flock to make and play games in it each day. That is unless connection errors such as Error Code 277 pop up.

There’s so much to play in Roblox that it can seem quite overwhelming. While some games are small in scope and simply offer a short experience, others aim to be an MMO for their fans to hop into and lose themselves each and every day. However, all the games inside Roblox are subject to the various errors the platform can be hit by, including the connection Error Code 277.

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How Do You Fix Error Code 277 in Roblox?

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To fix Error Code 277 in Roblox, players must check their connection to the internet and try launching the game again. If their internet connection is solid, then the game should launch without issues and allow players to get on with what they were doing when the error occurred. If players continue to experience issues, there are a few other fixes that could get the game to work again.

Restart the Game and Device

The first port of call for any error in Roblox should be to close the game, quit it from the task manager, and then try to run it again. It also helps to restart the device being used to play it entirely so that any cached errors are deleted by the time the game is booted up again.

Check for Updates on Your PC

It’s possible that a graphics driver or Windows/iOS update that players haven’t downloaded contains files required to play Roblox. That’s why it’s always worth checking for updates and downloading all those available if Roblox Error Code 277 pops up. It’s easy to check for updates, and they can be downloaded and installed automatically, so players should really have no trouble at all.

Reset the Internet Connection

If resetting the device being used doesn’t fix Roblox Error Code 277, then players should attempt to reset their internet connection. We’ve found that when we’ve experienced similar issues, our internet connection has been down but still shown as active, so resetting it can fix two errors at once.

It’s also worth trying to reset the internet by resetting the actual wi-fi router or unplugging an ethernet cable. This will completely stop the internet from reaching any device in the chain to the player’s device. We find that this is the perfect fix for issues linked to internet connections if nothing on the device being used to play will work.

Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox

While this might sound like an extreme fix, it’s actually one of the easier methods that should fix Error Code 277 in Roblox. Uninstalling Roblox will remove all the game’s files, meaning if anything is cached, it won’t be for much longer. Then, when players reinstall the game, it will use fresh files that shouldn’t cause the error to occur again.

Clear the Roblox Logs

Roblox is a program like any other, and it has files that can become corrupted. This can be the reason Error Code 277 hits players over and over no matter what they do. To clear the game’s logs and, hopefully, get it running again, players should open their terminal and use the Run option.

Next, they must type in “%localappdata%Robloxlogs” and run the code. Players will then see their PC bring up a selection of files that players must then select and delete. Following this, players need to do the same again with the code, “%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalLowRbxLogs”, and remove all the files that bring up as well.

After all that, players will be able to play Roblox if there is an error with the game’s files. However, this is a rare issue, and it’s much more likely that one of the other fixes on this page will help players out before they need to get to this point.

Try Running Roblox in Compatibility Mode

Running Roblox in compatibility mode could stop Error Code 277 from happening. To do this, players must right-click on the Roblox icon and open the properties menu. From there, players must open the Compatibility tab and turn on the option to run the game in compatibility mode.

When players next try to run the game, it’ll open a troubleshooting menu, allowing them to work through and diagnose any potential issues with the files. If there are none, the game should run fine.

Try Running Roblox as an Administrator

While compatibility mode can fix Roblox when Error Code 277 hits a player, it’s often easier to try running the game as an Administrator. To do this, players will need to log out of their profile and log in as an Administrator on that device before trying to get Roblox to play again.

Change Networks

Changing wi-fi networks can fix Roblox Error Code 277 pretty easily. If the error was caused by a weak connection that made the game, believe the connection to the server had been lost, picking a closer or more stable one could fix the issue entirely.

Update the Browser Running Roblox

If players are running Roblox in their browser when Error Code 277 hits them, they should try updating that browser to ensure it’s not a software issue preventing the connection from going through. This might sound like a simple fix, and it is, but browsers can be finicky. Be sure to check in the core updates menu for the device being used.

What is Error Code 277 in Roblox?

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Error Code 277 in Roblox is caused by a loss of connection to the game’s servers. The root cause could either be that connection getting lost on the player’s end, the client end, or, on the Roblox end, the server end.

When this happens, most Roblox games will stop working because they require a constant connection to the servers to pull game files from each time they load. However, a few games might avoid the error if the connection is quickly restored in the background because they don’t rely on files stored on the game’s servers.