WoW Error Code BLZ51934200 – Can You Fix It

The new error code BLZ51934200 is keeping players from getting into WoW. Here is everything to know about the server status issue.

Wow Error Code

Image via Blizzard

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World of Warcraft once again greets players with an error code when trying to play the game. Thankfully, code BLZ51934200 is not a user error, but a Blizzard one.

WoW tends to have errors when a new launch or update is added to the game. This code is a perfect example of just that. When players see this code pop up, they are told that “there are currently no servers available” which just means the game is down for the moment or – more specifically in this case – the authentication servers to log in are not working.

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What Is Error Code BLZ51934200 In WoW

No, the error code BLZ51934200 In WoW is being caused by an issue with server authentication according to a Tweet shared by BlizzardCS, so there is no way for players to fix the server status problem. The only thing to do is wait until the error is fixed. Per Blizzard’s Twitter account, they are aware of the issue and are currently investigating the cause.

Error codes similar to this have been happening more frequently due to various reasons. The best way to keep track of what is happening is to watch the official Blizzard Twitter account which will keep everyone updated. Lately, Blizzard has been undergoing multiple DDoS attacks, making it hard for players to log in and play their games. It has not been announce if this is another DDoS attack or just a malfunction with the servers.

Additionally, the weekly maintenance for WoW starts December 5th at 7:00 AM PST. Hopefully, Blizzard will get the servers up and running once again before the maintenance so that we can all dive in to continue those quests and raids we’ve been working on.