How to fix error code CE-107880-4 in Saints Row

Learn how to get past this annoying issue.

Image via Deep Silver

It is not uncommon for big games to have various issues when they launch. While Saints Row has quite a few bugs and glitches that are bound to pop up, it is not the worst case we have seen when it comes to early release struggles. Unfortunately, players are running into a problem with the code CE-107880-4. Here is how you can fix it and get back to enjoying your game.

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How to get past the CE-107880-4 error code in Saints Row

The error code CE-107880-4 is largely a connection issue that PlayStation 5 users are exclusively running into. It seems to be connected to when players are trying to download extra content in the game. Unfortunately, until Volition works on a fix to the problem, it will not go away for good. That being said, there are ways to get past it.

First, we recommend restarting your console. Press the PlayStation button on your controller, move over to the power options, and restart your console. For a full restart, shut down your console and unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds after the lights stop blinking. Plug it back in when done and start up the game.

If restarting your PlayStation didn’t help, we recommend accessing the PlayStation Store either on a browser or in the PlayStation app on your phone. Sign in to your account and set the content to install remotely.

If neither of the above work, your next best bet is uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game. On the Saints Row tile on your console, press Options and Delete. Set it to reinstall, and hopefully, it was just a case of your files being corrupted, which fixes the issue.