How to fix error code Plum in Destiny 2

Proof that no one likes plums.

Image via Bungie

Errors are bound to happen every now and then with any online game. These issues keeping you from playing your game can be frustrating, especially since you do not know exactly what the problem is. If you are trying to play Destiny 2 and have the error code Plum pop up, here are some suggestions to get things back to working properly.

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Error code Plum in Destiny 2, explained

Error Code: Plum is a PC-focused error report that means BattlEye has detected something with your system that violates Bungie’s Terms of Service. This usually has to do with the program detecting some kind of cheat software on your PC. If so, you will need to remove that before you will have access to the game again.

How to fix the Plum error code

If you are certain you have no cheating software on your PC, make sure that your Windows operating system is fully updated to the latest version. If you are fully updated, make sure other anti-cheat software like Vanguard in Valorant is disabled. Vanguard has a history of getting tangled up with BattlEye, so get that shut down, and you should be back up and running.

To temporarily turn off Vanguard, you can find its icon in the system tray menu on your PC. Right-click the icon and select Exit Vanguard. If you decide you want to play Valorant later, you will need to restart your PC so that Vanguard will start up again.

Additionally, the Plum error pops up occasionally when you have an unreliable network connection. Check and restart your router or modem and if needed, try a direct connection over a Wi-Fi one. Another place to check is the Bungie Help Twitter to see if the servers are currently down.