How to fix FIFA 21 cannot use the content PS4 bug

Why can’t I access the game’s trial?

How to fix FIFA 21 cannot use the content PS4 bug

Image via Electronic Arts

PlayStation 4 owners are increasingly running into a bug on FIFA 21. The “Cannot use the content” error message is affecting players who are trying to access the game’s 10-hour trial, and you will be one of them if you are checking out this guide.

Multiple PS4 users have taken to the official FIFA 21 forums and its Reddit page recently to complain about the issue. It doesn’t seem to matter how many hours that players have left on their trial, with some stating that they have two hours left and others claiming that they couldn’t access it at all. Users who try to log in to EA Play are met with a lock screen and the message “Cannot use the content. Cannot connect to the server to verify the license”.

At the time of the writing, there is no official fix from Electronic Arts. FIFA 21 players have revealed that EA is aware of the issue and are looking into it, but there is nothing official that will solve this bug.

If you are after a temporary fix, though, some players have found a couple of workarounds that you can try. The first is to simply turn your PS4 console off. You will need to perform a complete shutdown rather than putting it into sleep mode. Once your system has powered down, restart it, and try to access the trial. Some players have had success with this method, but others have only been able to play for 10 minutes before the problem resurfaces.

If that temporary solution doesn’t work, you can try restoring your licenses through your PS4 console. Back out of FIFA 21, and head to your PS4 Settings app. Head to “Account Management” from here, and then select “Restore Licenses.” Follow the on-screen instructions, and then reload FIFA 21. Again, this has worked for some players but not others. If this doesn’t work either, you will have to wait for an official fix or until FIFA 21’s full release on October 9.