How To Fix FPS Drops In Ready or Not

Ready or Not frame drops are no joke, causing players to see stuttering enemies and miss vital shots for a successful mission.

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Image via Void Interactive

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Ready or Not is an intense FPS that provides players with incredibly accurate gunplay using realistic weapons that make for quite a harrowing experience. However, it’s hard to get into the gameplay with issues such as Ready or Not’s frame drops.

Any game can suffer from frame drops under the right conditions. Sometimes, it’s because there are too many tasks running in the background. Other times, a device may not be powerful enough to run the software, and there are even occasions when the software simply isn’t up to scratch and can’t push frames any higher. When it comes to Ready or Not’s frame drops, though, there are a few ways to help boost the game’s FPS.

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How to Fix Ready or Not Frame Drops

Image via Void Interactive

There are a few changes players can make to avoid Ready or Not frame drops. We’ve outlined these below so players can work through them to see if they help boost the FPS in their version of the game when they launch into a mission.

Restart Ready or Not

The best fix for Ready or Not frame drops is restarting the game and the device running it. However, this only seems to change what FPS the player can achieve since the FPS seems entirely unrelated to hardware. Some players refer to this as rolling the dice for frames. Regardless, we believe that a thorough restart always helps solve issues when it comes to errors and glitches in games.

Run Ready or Not Using DirectX 12

We’ve seen several players report significantly increased frames in Ready or Not when they play the game and run it with DirectX 12. We’re unsure why this helps boost the frame rate. Some players have suggested it’s because it eases the load on compiling shaders. It’s a very easy fix that players can try by forcing the game to run using the program in the Properties tab in their Steam library.

Change Graphics Settings to Low

A common issue with games using Unreal Engine is that they tend to run worse if their settings are pushed too low. Players have reported that they can get 70 FPS out of Ready or Not if they set their graphics settings to low, but the game will drop to 40 FPS if they go any lower. Monitoring settings and keeping them to a reasonable level will help avoid Ready or Not frame drops in the future.

What Causes Ready or Not Frame Drops?

Image via Void Interactive

There could be dozens of reasons for Ready or Not frame drops across all forms of PC hardware. However, the common potential issue all versions of the game share is that Ready or Not is that it has only just been released out of early access as of December 2023.

Given that the title has only been available for a matter of days in a fully released form, it’s no wonder there are still bugs and glitches to work out. We believe Ready or Not is a great-looking game, and that comes with a high demand on hardware, so it’s entirely possible that it simply needs to be optimized further before these frame drops will stop occurring.

However, it’s hard to forgive a game, and its developer the longer issues persist after a full version’s release. If fixes for frame drops don’t come before the start of 2024, then there could be some big ramifications for it and its developer come the new year.