How to fix Last Spartan Standing progress not tracking in Halo Infinite

Just give it time.

Image via 343 Industries

Last Spartan Standing is the newest game mode added in Halo Infinite’s Season 2 Lone Wolves release alongside the Interference event. This mode acts as a kind of mash-up between a semi-battle royale and gun game. You have five lives to eliminate all other players while gaining experience and getting better weapons to use. However, people have noticed that their progress does not seem to be tracking in their challenges. Here is how to fix that.

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How to fix Last Spartan Standing progress not tracking

If you have left a Last Spartan Standing game and your challenge progress has not updated, it is because that game is still going on. If you have been eliminated, you can leave the game early without having to worry about any repercussions. However, because others are still playing, the game has not recorded all of your challenge progress. We recommend either restarting the game, waiting a few minutes, or starting up another match to pass the time. Once that previous match has decided a victor, everyone who took part in it should have their challenges updated.

During the early days of Season 2 Lone Wolves, it does also appear that a couple of the Last Spartan Challenges are not working properly if you leave early, even if eliminated. If you are worried about your progress not tracking, you may want to stay in the game and spectate until the very end, where your challenge progress should count.