How to fix OpenGL error 1282 in Minecraft

Time for some clarity.

Image via Mojang

With so many moving parts in Minecraft: Java Edition, it can be easy for your game to stop running properly. If your screen has gone dark and the game chat keeps popping up “OpenGL Error: 1282 (Invalid Operation),” you definitely don’t want to keep butting your head against the wall, hoping it fixes itself. Here is how to fix this annoying error and get the game running normally again.

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What to do when you get OpenGL Error 1282 in Minecraft: Java Edition

If the only problem you are seeing is the chat pop-up with the error code and nothing else is wrong, you will be fine by disabling the message. Go to “Options” on the pause menu and enter “Video Settings.” Scroll to the bottom to find “Other” and turn off “Show GL Errors.”

If you are getting OpenGL Error 1282 in Minecraft, where the screen goes black, you likely have some corrupted or outdated file somewhere in your game that is messing up everything. To start, exit out of the game and make sure you have Minecraft: Java Edition updated to the latest version. To be fully safe, you can uninstall and reinstall the game, just make sure you make a copy of your world so you don’t lose it.

After the game is fully updated, you will also want to check and make sure that Java is up to date as well. Go to the official site and download the right version for your operating system. Follow the installation instructions until it is complete. You can also try updating your graphics driver if it needs it.

If the above didn’t fix the issue for you, you might have incompatible or corrupted mods. If you have a bunch of mods from different creators, they can conflict with each other and cause errors. Check the download page for each mod to see what update those mods work for and see if there are any reports of them not working with other mods you have. Delete any recent mods that you installed that could be messing things up. If you have OptiFine, be sure to check and make that is up to date.