How to fix overheating in The Long Drive

Look after you car and it’ll look after you.


Image via Gensez

The Long Drive aims to be a realistic road trip simulation game, allowing you to live out your dream of driving down an almost endless road just because you enjoy that feeling of heading somewhere. However, like in real life, the game’s cars aren’t without their troubles. This guide explains how to fix overheating in The Long Drive so you don’t get stuck waiting for roadside assistance.

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How do you fix overheating in The Long Drive?

Image via Gensez

To fix overheating in your car’s engine, you must ensure that your radiator doesn’t get rusty and keep it topped up with plenty of water. You can see the temperature gauge in your car rising as you drive, so keep an eye on it to see if it starts to get too close to the red. If it does, you know something is wrong. It’s worth bringing a spare radiator and water with you while you drive, but you can usually find parts and water in any buildings you pass.

To help prevent your car from overheating, turn it off completely when you stop. If you leave it idling, it’ll slowly burn through its water and will overheat faster. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the quality of your engine and upgrading to a car with a better one if you get the chance. The higher the quality of the car and its engine, the lower the possibility of being stranded thanks to overheating.

Why do cars overheat?

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Cars will overheat in The Long Drive if their radiators run out of water and they can’t keep the car cool. The car will begin to lose power and a lot of steam will rise out from the engine block. If this happens, you either need to fix the overheating using the method above or may need to find a new car. Usually, overheating won’t result in your car’s destruction, but it can if you push it too far. If you want to avoid overheating, try a seed with regular buildings or pit stops.