How to fix Sea of Thieves searching the sea error

Sea of Thieves players stuck on searching the sea should look at this.

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In Sea of Thieves, some players can run into an issue called Stuck Searching on the Sea or can be accompanied by the “Cinnamonbeard” error code. Here is what the error means and how you can fix it.

Sea of Thieves Stuck on Searching the Sea Error

Unfortunately, when you are stuck on searching the sea, the game is telling you that you are having issues connecting to the game’s servers. When seeing this error, there is a chance you could be waiting up to a half-hour before being able to get into the game.

As of writing this, there is no known guaranteed fix for the problem, as it has become more prevalent since the game released on Steam. Hopefully, with more time, the Sea of Thieves team can fix any server issues the game is having.

While there is not any known fix for the error, there is one thing you can try. If you are on Xbox One, press the guide button, press the menu button (the three-line button), and select quit. Try and relaunch the game now.

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If you are on PC, close down the game and restart your PC. Be sure to check your internet connection, and if everything is looking good, start the game again. If you are still finding the same error, it might be best to do something else for a bit and try the game later.