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How to Fix Sons of the Forest FPS & Performance Issues on PC

Time for some troubleshooting.

If you’re facing FPS and performance issues in Sons of the Forest on PC, you’re not alone. Multiple players have complained about the game not running smoothly, even when they have the latest hardware installed in their systems. Because of such issues, you might not be able to explore the forest properly, as the constant frame rate drops will ruin your experience. Here are a few things you can try to fix Sons of the Forest FPS and performance issues on PC.

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How to fix FPS and performance issues in Sons of the Forest

Update your GPU drivers

FPS issues are often linked to outdated graphics drivers. Many players forget about updating their graphics drivers and keep playing the latest titles. However, new games always require the latest version of the drivers, so you need to ensure you have it installed. You can use your GPU’s dedicated application to update them. Or, you can go to Device Manager in Windows, expand the Display Adapters, right-click on your graphics card’s name, and update the drivers from there.

Adjust the in-game settings

In some cases, players try to run the game on settings their PC can’t handle. Therefore, you must adjust the in-game settings to see if that solves the problem. We recommend you apply the Medium preset and see how it performs. If the game starts running smoothly, take the settings up one by one. You need to stop taking things higher the moment you start facing performance issues again.

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Make sure no apps are running in the background

Running multiple apps in the background while playing Sons of the Forest can also cause FPS and performance issues. Therefore, make sure there is nothing open in the background that shouldn’t be. Otherwise, your system will have to divide the resources among multiple applications, and this will prevent the game from getting the most resources it needs to run at its highest performance.

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