How to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

Chop down trees quickly.

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Sons of the Forest allows you to acquire multiple melee weapons, which can be used to take down cannibals and mutants that roam the island. However, the Axe is a melee weapon that also helps with cutting down trees. While the one you get from the emergency pack is fine, you will need a bigger one to chop down trees quickly. In this guide we will look at how to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to find the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

It will take some time before you can get your hands on the Firefighter Axe, as you first need to get the Shovel. Plenty of items are hidden in the ground, and you need the Shovel to access them. To get the Shovel, you will first need to acquire the Rebreather and Rope Gun. Without these two items, you won’t be able to go through the cave which has the Shovel inside it.

With the Shovel in your inventory, go to the location seen in the image below. This is located on the northwest side of the island. As the journey can be long, depending on where you start, ensure you have some essential items like food and water in your inventory. When you reach the location, find a golf cart. Right next to it, you’ll see an option to dig the ground using the Shovel.

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After you finish digging, you’ll see an entrance to Maintenace Bunker A. Use the ladders to go down and then progress through the corridor. Keep going forward until you reach a small room where the Firefighter Axe will be on the wall.

Just like the Modern Axe, the Firefighter Axe is an excellent melee weapon that can help you against powerful enemies. Furthermore, the Firefighter Axe can cut down trees instantly, meaning that it can help you gather plenty of logs.