How to fix the autofail mission bug in Second Extinction

No dinosaur hunting for us today.

How to fix the autofail mission bug in Second Extinction

Image via Steam

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Early access periods for new games are usually rife with bugs, and Second Extinction is no different. Systemic Reaction’s multiplayer FPS has endured its fair share of issues since launch, but one of its newer problems is breaking the game for early access players.

The autofail mission bug is making Second Extinction unplayable for those who are trying to take its dinosaur foes to task. Threads have popped up on the game’s Steam community forums and its official Reddit page, with increasing numbers of players falling foul to the glitch.

According to players, starting a new mission is currently impossible as the level ends as soon as they touchdown in their pods. Fans are greeted with an autofail message once their character leaves their landing zone, and reloading Second Extinction doesn’t appear to fix the issue.

Other players are having a bit more luck but, like those affected right at the start of missions, these gamers are getting halfway through a level before the game crashes and throws up the same autofail message.

As this bug is relatively new, there isn’t an official solution to it yet, unfortunately. Systemic Reaction have recently pushed through the game’s hotfix, which has solved some niggling issues, so this could be the reason behind this new bug. Hopefully, the developers will get wind of the autofail mission glitch and it will be an easy thing to patch. If we hear about an effective solution in the meantime, we will let you know.