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How to Fix the Beeping Sound Issue in Wuthering Waves

While Kuro Games hasn't provided a patch to fix this issue, players have already discovered a few workarounds that allow them to enjoy the game.

Wuthering Waves players have been dealing with an issue in their games that causes a beeping sound and irritating input lag. While Kuro Games hasn’t provided a patch to fix this issue, players have already discovered a few workarounds that allow them to enjoy the game.

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How to Stop Beeping Sound in Wuthering Waves

Switching from mouse and keyboard to using a controller is the most effective workaround for this issue. The random beeping sound in Wuthering Waves is linked to an interaction issue with your mouse drivers. Using a controller will ensure that the mouse driver, which is most likely causing the issue, will not be used while you’re playing Wuthering Waves.

What is the Beeping Sound Issue in Wuthering Waves?

As mentioned above, the beeping sound issue is caused by some weird interaction between Wuthering Waves and mouse drivers when you’re running the game. This issue stresses your CPU and RAM, causing the beep and the input lag you might be experiencing.

Unfortunately, there’s no official fix for this issue, hence the suggestion of using a controller since forcing your computer to put up with the extra stress is not the best choice for your hardware’s sake. Besides, it is an annoying sound to hear while gaming, especially when accompanied by input lag.

Additional Workarounds for the Beeping Sound Issue

  • Cap Frame Rate: Doing this can reduce the strain on your system, which might prevent the issue from happening.
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing: This solution follows the same principle of the previous one. The idea is to reduce the stress on your hardware.
  • Update Graphics Drivers: An outdated GPU driver can cause several issues, so make sure that yours is up to date.

While these are merely workarounds, they will work well enough until the issue is fixed in a future patch. This is not the first issue that players have experienced when playing Wuthering Waves. Regardless, chances are that Kuro Games will keep patching and improving the game. Until then, if you have a controller, try using it. We’ve tried it, and some of us agree that Wuthering Waves is one of those games that might be better with a controller.

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