How to fix the “Disconnected from Server” error in Tower of Fantasy

The cost of popularity.

Image via Hotta Studios

The technology required to run an MMO like Tower of Fantasy smoothly is intense. From the coding and development side to keeping the servers from being overwhelmed by their new load. As often happens at launch, Tower of Fantasy players have encountered a few bugs. If you’ve had the Disconnected from Server error in Tower of Fantasy, then your options are limited on how to fix it.

Disconnected from Server error in Tower of Fantasy, explained and how to fix it

New games like Tower of Fantasy always have a handful of errors that creep in that usually stem from a shared problem; too many people are trying to play the game simultaneously. Games like Lost Ark have seen massive player numbers at launch as MMO fans are looking to try the newest offering, overloading servers and causing all manner of frustration.

The Disconnected from Servers error is common for players trying to connect to Tower of Fantasy’s servers. It happens when players attempt to log into the game, and the chosen server is already full. It can also occur if players try to connect to a server located too far away from them, but this is less common.

The only real way to fix the Disconnected from Server error in Tower of Fantasy is to connect to a different server. The game should recommend an alternative server for you to choose from that should have capacity available. This is a common issue for new MMOs at launch, as most developers plan their servers for what their player base will be after the initial surge when they first come out.

Some MMOs choose to establish more servers in the regions worst hit by this error, but most often, players need to wait a short amount of time for the player numbers to stabilize before they’re able to have a more reliable connection. It can be frustrating for players, but the Disconnect from Server error in Tower of Fantasy should fade away over the next few weeks.