How to fix “The Selected Region is Closed” error in Lost Ark

The most common server error.

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Initially only available in the South Korean region, Smilegate’s Lost Ark is now available to players in North America, South America, and Europe. The MMOARPG’s player base is rapidly rising, leading to new server issues that many players face. One of the more prominent issues is “The Selected Region is Closed,” stopping players from entering the server, and by extension the game itself.

How to resolve “The Selected Region is Closed” error in Lost Ark

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Unfortunately, there is nothing, in particular, you can do to fix the error. When you get this error message, it usually means the server is offline or down for maintenance, and you cannot do anything other than wait for the servers to come back up. Hence, it’s essential to keep a tab of different Lost Ark socials so you get notified when the servers are about to go down or the expected time period for the scheduled maintenance.

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There is a possibility that you might get the same error just after scheduled maintenance since a lot of players will queue up at the same time. However, this shouldn’t last long, and you should be able to get inside the game soon if you are patient.

In rare cases where the issue doesn’t resolve in a timely manner, you can head to Lost Ark’s forums and raise the concern on the boards. If many players face the same issue, you should get a response from developers or other players in the forums. You can also keep track of the server status by heading to the official Lost Ark website.