The new European Region has been added to Lost Ark, queueing should now be less of a pain

Time for a better experience in Europe.

Image via Amazon Games

The previously announced new European region of servers has now been added to Lost Ark. Players in the new European West region should find reduced queue times after previously struggling to get onto the game following its wildly successful launch.

On the official Lost Ark forums, it was announced that the second European region of servers will be live at 6 PM CET (9 AM PT) today, February 17. The European West region contains eight servers, with Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG explaining that “additional servers will be opened if needed.” It’s expected that the new servers won’t eliminate queue times, but will rather reduce them.

Players moving to the new European West region in Lost Ark will carry over Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura, “but no redeemed, claimed, or acquired items move with you.” You will receive your last ten days’ worth of daily attendance rewards upon moving to the new servers, as well as brand-new “special daily attendance rewards” across the opening ten days of the European West region.

Everyone who purchased Founders Packs via Steam or Amazon before midday PT (8:59 PM CET) on February 14, too, will be given “an extra set of the exclusive items from the Founder’s Pack they claimed” and additional Royal Crystals. You can claim these on February 19 via rollouts throughout the day.

What’s more, everyone can now claim their free launch celebration gift. Hopefully, players in the new European West region servers can now spend less time queueing and more time playing.