How to fix the ELK-23 error in Riders Republic

Reset the flow of multiplayer.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Riders Republic has a focus on multiplayer and social interactions. Whether you’re dancing with other Riders, racing against them or their ghosts in events, or are simply standing admiring a view together, it’s undeniable that the game is better with friends or at least other players around you. However, sometimes those other players become an issue, causing the game to crash. This guide will cover one such issue, the ELK-23 error, and how to fix it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The ELK-23 error is an issue with the multiplayer flow. We experienced it when we’d been queuing for matchmaking in a multiplayer game for about five minutes. This is likely because there’s so much to do outside of its multiplayer that most people aren’t concerned with playing it. The error popped up after we’d extended the timer for matchmaking twice, leading us to believe that the error is caused when you’ve been waiting for matchmaking for too long. 

To fix this error, cancel matchmaking for any multiplayer event if the timer reaches three minutes. This will kick you out of matchmaking, but you can jump back in through the in-game menu or by visiting the relevant vendor at Riders Ridge. Resetting the matchmaking process will get you into a multiplayer event faster and avoid the ELK-23 error popping up to kick you out of the game.