How to fix the “Failed Patch” error in MultiVersus

A quick fix to get you back into the action.

Screenshot via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The MultiVersus open beta has unleashed a powerful array of characters onto players. From classic cartoons to modern pop culture icons, there are plenty of chaotic combinations to throw at your opponents. Unfortunately, there are a few bugs mixed in, which are preventing some players from getting into the action. The Failed Patch error can be frustrating for players, but it should be easy to sort out. If you’ve run into this bug and aren’t sure what to do, here is everything you need to know to fix the Failed Patch error in MultiVersus.

What causes the MultiVersus Failed Patch error

Screenshot from PlayStation YouTube

Like most games in open beta, MultiVersus is still in a slightly broken state. Not just because of Taz’s overpowered tornado attack, either. If you go to load up MulitVersus and are greeted with an error message that says that a patch failed to load, then you’ve run into this particularly annoying bug. The Failed Patch error exactly means what it says – a patch wasn’t installed correctly and is preventing the player from connecting to the game’s servers. Sometimes it allows players to continue in offline mode, but you’ll need a more permanent solution if you want to access all the game’s features.

MultiVersus “Failed Patch” error fix

There are two known solutions for this bug. The first is to close MultiVersus. The game will check for patches and updates as it shuts down, installing them before closing. If the game tells you that it is installing an update, don’t force close it, or it can cause the error to continue. Load MultiVersus back up; most often, this sorts the bug out.

This fix will sort out the Failed Patch error in MultiVersus most of the time, but occasionally it will persist beyond reloading the program. In those cases, the best solution is to uninstall MultiVersus and reinstall it. This fix is a massive pain, but it should ensure that the game gets the patches and updates that it needs to run properly. There will likely be a better way to force an update when the game is out of open beta.