How to fix the Gateway Timeout error in Escape from Tarkov

The game’s servers may be what’s stopping you from logging in.

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Escape from Tarkov bears several features that require online functionality, but a few errors can get in the way of you enjoying these. For instance, those attempting to sign into their accounts may spot a “Gateway Timeout” error that ultimately sends them back to the main menu. Although this can be a painful message to gunners who wanted to team up with friends, there are a few possible solutions that could evaporate the error.

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How do you fix the Gateway Timeout error in Escape from Tarkov?

Gateway Timeout errors certainly are not new issues in Escape from Tarkov. These have been known to primarily appear when the game is dealing with unexpected server problems or when it releases new patches. That said, it is best to begin resolving the issue by heading to Escape from Tarkov’s official server status page and seeing which features are affected. If the servers happen to be down, you can also scroll to the bottom of the page to see when they are expected to be back online.

As the error also appears after the release of new updates, it is recommended you download and install the latest version of the title from the launcher. However, some may find it faster to head to Escape from Tarkov’s Twitter page, as it notifies when a new patch has launched and if there are any issues surrounding it.

If neither updates nor server problems seem to be affecting Escape from Tarkov, you may need to reinstall the shooter to wipe away any bugs that could be preventing you from getting online. Additionally, it is best to restart your router and make sure your internet connection is in good health before doing so, or you may face more issues once the game is downloaded.