How to fix the Login and Missing Code errors with the FIFA 21 app

It’s been messy, but there are a few things you can try.

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On September 30, FIFA 21’s companion web app for Football Ultimate Team went live. For those who don’t what it is, FIFA 21 web app allows users to access their FUT team on the computer. FIFA players can also check the market and customize their FUT stadium, among other things. The app is a great way to kickstart your FUT team, especially since those whop log-in can receive a starter pack, as well as Welcome Back packs for those who played Ultimate Team in FIFA 21. However, the rollout of the app has been messy.

Many players who set up access to the FIFA 21 web app prior to its launch are stating that the Login Verification codes, which are necessary to access the application, are not working. Others have not even received these special codes that can grant access to the app and the FUT market. Needless to say, the issues have frustrated FIFA players. So, if you’re experiencing any of these issues, what can you do? Let’s go over what we know about these errors.

Make sure you have access

First off, keep in mind that you may not be able to access the FIFA 21 app for various reasons. In order to have access to the FIFA 21 app, players must currently have an active FUT team in FIFA 20. In addition to this, you must have logged into your team by August 14, 2020. If you did not meet this deadline, you won’t have access to the app. Additionally, your Origin account must be in good standing.

Wait for your login verification code

If you have met the above requirements and have not received a Login Verification code thus far, waiting is probably your best option. EA has stated on Twitter that it is looking into this issue, and the team there is looking to get those codes out as quickly as possible.

The server may just be overloaded

If you have received a code and can’t log in, it could be because there are so many people logging into the app to access the market and returning bonus packs. Quite a few people have experienced this error, and EA has not acknowledged it as of this writing. But while it could be because of the volume of players that are logging into the app, it’s not officially confirmed by EA.

A few other solutions to try

There other solutions that could work, and here are some of those tips:

  • Use a VPN – YouTuber MeelayB stated in a video that a VPN can help, as it will change your computer’s location. This can help those who are region locked for some reason.
  • Backup Codes – The EA Help Twitter account stated that backup codes should the secondary option for those who can’t access the app with the primary code. To find a backup code, go to your Origin account and view your profile. From there, click Security and then view the Backup Code.

UPDATE (9/30): The EA FIFA Direct Twitter account sent out a tweet stating that those who were having difficulties logging into the app earlier should be able to access it now.