How to fix the “Login did not go as planned” error in the EA App

This is a tricky error.

Image via Steam

If you are a PC gamer, the EA app is probably your best source to play your favorite games from the company. Titles like The Sims 4 and Apex Legends have made their way to Steam, but if you already put your money towards them on EA’s side, it makes more sense to keep playing there. However, it can seem like the app doesn’t want you to play with errors that say, “Login did not go as planned.” Here is how to fix that issue.

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EA App Login did not go as planned error, explained and fixes

If the EA app is giving you the “Login did not go as planned” error, it will note that something is wrong with your network. Start by restarting and testing your internet just to be sure it’s not from that. You should also check the EA Help Twitter account to see if there is currently any announced downtime with their services.

If everything above seems to be fine, you should attempt to clear your cache on the app. Go to the menu in the top left corner, select Help, and go to Account Recovery. From here, consider restarting your system to make sure everything is running from a clean boot. Attempt to log back into the app when back.

If none of the above have helped you, we recommend getting in contact with EA Help directly. They may have you give them access to DxDiag so they can see if the problem stems from a hardware malfunction. Unfortunately, this particular issue seems to pop up very randomly for people. One moment it can be gone, and then out of nowhere, it can be causing headaches for you all over again. Talking with the support staff is probably the best way to find a permanent solution.