How to fix the paintwork on your motorcycle in RiMS Racing

Always look your best.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Over the course of your career in RiMS Racing, you’re going to mess your motorcycle up. It’s inevitable that somewhere in at least the first season’s 70 events that you’ll crash a few times, and each crash has an impact on your paintwork. While it’s not clear how you fix this up in-game, this guide covers exactly how you can restore your bike and have it looking shiny and new once more.

How to fix the paintwork on your motorcycle

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fixing the paintwork on your motorcycle is something you need to do back at your HQ. First, you need to open the Workshop and find your fairing. This is the shell or body of your motorcycle, the part that keeps everything else covered so that it’s protected from bumps, scrapes, dust, and rain. However, that also means that this is the part that takes a real beating from pretty much everything you do in a race. Even your rider moving around in their seat will cause some wear and tear.

You can replace this part by unmounting it and then selecting the option to change it. If you haven’t already purchased a replacement, you can do so by pressing the shop button. We always go with the parts designed for the bike we’re using at the time, so in this example, that’s Honda. You can use whichever manufacturer suits your vehicle, though.

Fit this new fairing, and you’ll see that your bike looks fresh and new once more. So while some of your other parts might be literally falling out of the vehicle, at least it looks nice. If you find that you’re crashing and needing to change your fairing a lot, try changing the game’s settings to make it slightly easier.