How to Fix the “Palworld No Password Has Been Entered” Error

Since the game is based online, it’s useful to know how to fix the “Palworld No Password Has Been Entered” error.

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All online games suffer from errors, which is why so many players care about how they can fix the “Palworld No Password Has Been Entered” error. This can prevent someone from exploring the world, building their base, and seeing their precious Pals.

In Palworld, players explore a vast world collecting resources to build up a base where they can use the creatures of that world, Pals, to do all of their resource collecting for them. While it looks more like a Pokemon game, it’s much more akin to Factorio or Satisfactory. However, all of this goes out of the window when players are hit by the “Palworld No Password Has Been Entered” error.

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How Do You Fix the “Palworld No Password Has Been Entered” Error?

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To fix the “Palworld No Password Has Been Entered” error, players need to remove the password entered in the textbox, then join the server. After that, they’ll be able to put the password back into the textbox to continue playing on that password-protected server or game.

Another fix that players have reported working for their own personal server is closing it and re-opening it so they can then get in and invite others too. The only issue is that it’ll mean the server must be restarted every time a new player wants to join.

At the time of writing, January 21, 2024, the Palworld development team has announced a server outage for the game’s multiplayer servers. While it’s unlikely this would be the cause of the “Paleworld No Password Has Been Entered” error, it’s something players should bear in mind if they’re seeing it pop up and can’t find a fix. We’ve been playing our single player server just fine all day, so it’s definitely not an issue for solo players.

How to Check the Palworld Server Status

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The only way to check the status of the Palworld servers is by keeping an eye on the game’s Twitter account. This is where the development team will share all issues as they become aware of them, allowing players to see why they can’t get into the game.

Players who want to keep an eyeout for the latest information on Palworld, or figure out how to do the toughest activities, should read our complete guide. We’ve put every article we’ve created on the game there so players can work their way through them and benefit from our knowledge in their worlds.