Palworld Base Building: 5 Best Locations To Build Your Base

Palworld offers a vast world for players to build their Pal empires, but a few specific locations can offer nice advantages.

Palworld Base Building Best Locations

Image via Gamepur

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One of the most important parts of building a base in Palworld is the location. Whether it be to farm resources, have space to expand, or become a fortress that’s hard to penetrate, base building is the crux of the gameplay in Palworld, second only to catch the monsters that help fortify it.

It may be tempting to get your first base down as fast as you can, but hold your hammer before you start building. There are plenty of aspects to consider when building a base, which is why we’re going to list out a few things to consider before you build your first foundation.

The Basics of Base Building

Petting a Foxparks in a base in Palworld.

When building a base in Palworld, there’s not only location to consider, but size and floor planning. If you’re planning on building a base multiple stories high, chances are you won’t need as much land to spread your floor around on.

If you want a single-story base though, you’ll have to find a wide open field without any hills or rocks to build your base on. Lucky for you, any resources lying around on the ground are automatically picked up by any Pals you have established at the base, so getting a field clear of obstructions is an endeavor worked out as soon as you decide where to land.

When planning out a base, consider some structures or resources to build it near, such as:

5. Near Initial Spawn

Overlooking the Windswept Hills in Palworld.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Chances are, the first base you create won’t be your first one. Just like with Ark Survival Evolved, your base and location will evolve depending on your resource, farming, and Pal catching needs. For your first base, it may be best to place everything near the beginner area spawn. This is so that you don’t accidentally wander into an area that’s too over-leveled for you to handle. Plus, there are plenty of wide-open patches of land that are viable in the starting area for a small, easy-to-manage base that gets you on your feet.

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4. Near Resources

Overlooking resources near my base such as Red Berries and Paldium.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Another great place to strategize for base building in Palworld is anywhere near ample resources. Everything from humans to trees, to berry bushes, to Pals respawns is great to have nearby. Building your base near places where you find these resources is a great way to give yourself a fine boost during the start of the game as the night and day cycles wear on.

An even better strategy is to build your base so close to these resources that they fall within your base borders. This way, your Pals that work the area can harvest things as soon as they respawn into the world again.

3. Near Pal Spawn Locations

A good starting area clear of obstacles in Palworld.
Screenshot by Gamepur

One strategy you can use in the early game is setting up your base near a populated area. Luckily for you, Pals spawn almost everywhere, even alongside and on dirt path roads. Using the Hanging Trap, you can capture Pals that just happen to walk by, if they are small enough to feasibly fit in the trap.

Once you unlock the Hanging Trap, you can set it up where you know Pals will walk by. Try observing their patterns, finding a good place to set up your initial camp, and setting up everything you need for a continuous stream of new Pals as you set up each trap. These traps can be effective for passively catching more Pals for your team or as resources for food or other needs like Wool.

2. Near Fast Travel Points

A map screenshot showing a Fast Travel Point in Palworld.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Fast Travel points in Palworld are convenient ways to get around, especially if you’re still in the beginning phase of the game where no mount is available yet. Placing your base as close to a fast travel spot is advantageous because it can help you pinpoint prime resource spawning points relatively easily. Plus, right where you spawn is a perfect vantage point for getting the lay of the land, if you don’t mind a bit of climbing.

1. Near Towers

A shot of my base underneath the shadow of the first tower.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Towers are the gateway to bosses, and therefore the first concrete goal you’ll be climbing towards once your base is in full working order. While a Tower might not be your immediate goal, having it at least within the visible horizon is a good way to remind yourself what you’re working towards.

Having your base near a tower, especially when you’re mount-less, is good just for convenience’s sake when you first start Palworld. That way, when you’re ready to get started on taking on the first boss, you won’t have too far to go (and less to get distracted by) as you venture forth.