How to fix the PvP world quests not completing bug in World of Warcraft

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft has had some interesting bugs over the years, and every expansion adds new ones to the mix. Currently, there is an interesting glitch popping up in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Players have taken to the forums asking why their PvP world quests have become stuck at 100% without completing and giving them their earned rewards. Fortunately, there is a fix to this bug and it is actually quite simple.

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What to do when PvP world quests are stuck at 100% but not completing

A lot of players will not encounter this PvP world quest bug unless they are on top of their renown gains. The cause of PvP world quests getting stuck at 100% without completing is actually Renown Contracts. Having a reputation contract buff currently on a character doing the quest is what stops the quest from completing and giving the rewards. You must click the buff off if you want to finish the quest until there is a related hotfix.

Reputation contracts have existed in the game for some time. You’re able to craft these and even put them in the auction house. When you use them, you get a buff that lasts for an entire week that makes world quests give extra reputation toward a chosen faction whenever they are completed.

This bug currently only affects War Mode PvP quests in Dragonflight. If you remove your contract buff and fly into the world quest area, it should complete with no problem. This can be aggravating because Dragonflight Renown Contracts are actually quite expensive, and losing the buff means you will have to purchase another one to continue getting the benefits. It is advised that you complete all normal world quests before doing the War Mode PvP ones to get your money’s worth off the buff.

Blizzard is likely to fix this at some point, but for now, this is the only method of solving this glitch. War Mode provides some unique perks for leveling, and the PvP world quests are totally worth the rewards.