Should you level with War Mode on in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? Answered

Is the threat of death actually time efficient?

Image via Activision Blizzard

The start of a new expansion is always an interesting time for War Mode in World of Warcraft. Many players want to turn it on to level because of the buff it gives to experience gains while leveling, only to find out that they have made a horrible mistake. The leveling buff provided in War Mode is supposed to compensate for the threat of imminent death from the other faction, but is it worth it, especially with the bottleneck caused by both factions going to the same location in the initial Dragonflight zone?

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Is War Mode worth it while leveling in Dragonflight?

The general answer to whether or not the War Mode experience buff is worth the risk is that it technically is a noticeable increase, but this efficiency drops off depending on the server population and the sharding zone you are placed into when arriving into The Dragon Isles.

The general rule of thumb is to start with War Mode on and snatch up a Orgrimmar/Stormwind teleport cloak from the Guild Vendor in your respective capital city. Then, when arriving at the first hub in the Waking Shores, set your Hearthstone to the inn there.

Start questing and see how dense the bloodthirst of the opposing faction is while doing some quests. If no one is bothering you, then you can proceed with War Mode on for as long as it is not an issue. If you are getting absolutely destroyed at every corner, then it is advised to hearth back to the hub and turn off War Mode in the rested area.

You can then always turn War Mode back on by using your capital city teleport cloak and hearthing back to your questing spot to see if the bloodbath has subsided.

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