How to fix the Stuck on Applying Update error for Overwatch 2

There could be a problem with your update’s installation.

Image via Blizzard

When attempting to jump into Overwatch 2, a handful of errors could potentially crop up to prevent you from playing the game. A common one several players have to deal with is when you’re stuck on the Applying Update screen, and it doesn’t seem to be going forward. This will generally keep you on the log-in screen, and you won’t be able to progress further. Here’s what you need to know about the Stuck on Applying Update error for Overwatch 2.

Troubleshooting tips for the Stuck on Applying Update error in Overwatch 2

If you’re still stuck on the screen, we recommend backing out of the Overwatch 2 application, checking your launcher, and seeing if you have an update available. The update has likely not gone through on your side, and you may need to accept it for the update to go through manually. Additionally, restarting the launcher might be a good idea if everything looks fine, forcing the update through on your side.

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For many Overwatch 2 players, this appears to be the solution to the issue. However, if you continue to encounter this error and you can’t enter the game, the next step is to restart your computer and double-check your internet while your hardware boots back up. You want to ensure you have an internet connection so the Overwatch 2 update can go through, which might also be the issue.

You may need to take this a step further, and when the launcher updates, click on the small options cog next to the Overwatch 2 “Play” icon and attempt to Scar and Repair your copy of the game. The recent update may have missed a file that could be preventing you from joining your friends in the game. If you continue to encounter these issues, we recommend contacting the Overwatch 2 Blizzard support team for assistance.