How to fix the Tracker in Stray

Elliot is the right robot for the job.

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The Tracker is an important item in Stray that you need in order to find Seamus’ father, Doc. True to any puzzle game, when you find the Tracker, it is completely broken and you need to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the only person who is capable of fixing the Tracker is Elliot and he won’t help you unless you do something for him. Looks like it will take a while to get the Tracker fixed, but here is how you can get that done in Stray.

Where to find the Tracker in Stray

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You obtain the Tracker from Doc’s secret lab that you find in Seamus’ apartment. After getting into the lab, climb the shelves on the left side of the room. You can reach them by using the stool to the left of the table. Knock the box off the shelf and the Tracker will fall out. Pick it up and show Seamus to continue the story and get it fixed.

How to fix the Tracker in Stray

To fix the Tracker, you need to take it to Elliot. He can be found by going down the street with the bar and interacting with the red door. Go inside the apartment and up the stairs to find Elliot.

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When you first meet Elliot, he will be shivering and say that he can’t fix the Tracker until he can warm himself up. He requires a poncho knit by Grandma, but that isn’t easily obtained. Follow the steps below to obtain the poncho:

  • Get the Super Spirit Detergent from the laundromat.
  • Trade the detergent to the Barterman for the Electrical Cable.
  • Give the Electrical Cable to Grandma.

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After giving the Electrical Cable to Grandma, she will knit you a poncho that you can give to Elliot. Once he has the poncho, he will still shake, but he will at least be warm enough to fix the Tracker for you. With the Tracker fixed, return to Seamus to continue the story.