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How to fix Twitch error 5000

What's happening with your Twitch broadcast?

Every so often, when you’re trying to watch a Twitch livestream, there might be a few issues attempting to connect to it. It might be on your end, but there’s also a good chance it could be because you’re trying to connect to Twitch. You might encounter the error 5000, a common error code to find when attempting to watch a Twitch livestream. Here’s what you need to know about if you can fix the Twitch error 5000 and what it means.

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What can you do about the Twitch error 5000 code?

When you encounter the Twitch error 5000 code, you first want to jump over to the Twitch status page. This website will display if there are any problems with the Twitch servers, and that could mean the website might not be working currently. Unfortunately, there’s no direct cause as to why a user will see the error 5000 when attempting to connect to this website. However, there is a list of potential problems for why this is happening.

After checking the Twitch status page and seeing if everything is good, the next step might be to shut down your browser and restart it. This might have been a straightforward issue that required you to clear your browser. However, if you continue to see this issue, try using another browser you use as a backup, and see if the problem persists. For any viewer who continues to see this issue, we recommend clearing your browser’s cookies and cache, as this might help with the load time on Twitch and the other websites you visit.

The next step may also involve having you restart your computer or viewing device and then restarting your internet. This might need a quick refresh, and things could smooth themselves out, but this won’t always happen. Regardless, trying this out is a good idea if you’re experiencing issues watching Twitch.

For any viewer still encountering issues, the next step is to check out the Twitch support Twitter page. You’ll be able to see if the Twitch developers have shared any problems they’re noticing with the community attempting to connect to the website. They’ll also share if widespread outages are causing these problems or if the issues are minor. Finally, if they’re looking into an issue, they can share that they’re working on it, and a solution will present itself soon.

Should you continue to encounter issues, we recommend visiting the Twitch TV help page, contacting the support team, or looking up additional articles created by the Twitch developers surrounding these issues.

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