How to fix Twitch Mobile not working issues

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Mobile apps are designed to bring your favorite services anywhere you are with your phone. Instead of being stuck to your PC to watch your favorite streamer on Twitch, you can do it anywhere by pulling up your phone and opening the app. At least, that’s the case in most situations. But what happens if the Mobile Twitch app is having problems? Here is how to get Twitch Mobile working again.

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What to do when the Twitch mobile app isn’t working

If you are trying to watch a streamer on Twitch from a mobile phone and you can’t because of a black screen or due to the app not working, the first thing you should do is check to see if the servers are down. If the entire service is having problems, then the issue could be stemming from their end instead of yours.

If there is no indication of the servers being down, you can try restarting your device. If this hasn’t worked, let’s check your internet connection. If using a Wi-Fi connection, check your router and consider resetting it. If on mobile data, check your reception and switch to Wi-Fi if available. You should also see how other internet functions are working on your device.

If the above fails, you should check to see if your phone or app needs an update. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app could also give it the kick you need.

In most cases, one of the above solutions should address your mobile Twitch problems, most likely the servers being down. If you are still not able to access Twitch, try watching on a browser or making sure your time and location settings are set properly. Contact Twitch Support for further help if you are still struggling to get it to work.