Streamer Luality beats Elden Ring’s Margit with a real sword ahead of her LARP run of the game

The streamer plans to wear armor in the full run.


Image via Luality’s Twitch channel

Luality, a Twitch streamer best known for completing FromSoftware games using a dance pad and other unique controllers, has managed to best Margit, one of Elden ring’s bosses, using a real sword. Impressively, this battle was just a test for the final version of her upcoming LARP run of the game.

Luality managed to beat Margit using a sword by working with a motion capture camera that detected her sword swings. As you can see in her video on Twitch, she only swings the sword up and down to trigger the sword swing of her in-game character. For movement and other controls such as healing, Luality appears to be still using a dance pad, though it’s possible the motion camera picks up specific leg and arm movements for these.

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After sharing the video on Twitter, Luality confirmed that she’s planning a LARP (live action roleplay) run of Elden Ring. The run will be broadcast on her Twitch channel and see her using not only a real sword but a full set of armor as well. This may be about as close to being in Elden Ring as you can get.

Luality’s LARP run will mark the first time we’ve seen someone try to tackle Elden Ring using their entire body as a controller. Another prominent streamer, MissMikka, has been doing similar challenge runs in Elden Ring. So far, she’s completed the game with a dance pad, including one run where she played two versions of the game simultaneously across a controller and dance pad, and even a guitar.

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Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s latest title. It tasks players with making their way through an inhospitable land, killing dozens of bosses as they go. FromSoftware’s games are known for being fair but also incredibly challenging. Each time a new one is released, there’s always a split between players who want an easy mode to enjoy the story and those who wouldn’t touch them if the combat changed at all. Making these already incredibly tough games even more challenging with bizarre controllers, including the one from rng Fit Adventure, is incredibly impressive, and the community wants to see more of it. Even if they’d never play the game this way themselves.