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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Stun A Troll With Its Club

Hogwarts Legacy players can stun trolls using two main attack feats. Here is how to throw a boulder or flip a club in a troll fight.

Combat is a bit of a tricky thing in Hogwarts Legacy, with various combat challenges popping up each time you pick a fight with some dark wizards, goblins, or trolls. Some of these challenges are fairly easy, while others can prove to be quite confusing. For instance, flipping a Troll’s club is one of the many challenges you will receive and it’s easy to mess up. This guide will show you how to flip a Troll’s club into its face in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to flip a Troll Club in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two ways that you can stun a Troll in Hogwarts Legacy – by flipping its club and throwing its own boulder back at it. Both actions are considered to be combat feats and both can appear each time you pick a fight with a Troll. The first method of stunning requires the use of the Flipendo spell. If you don’t have it, make sure to complete Professor Garlick’s assignments for it.

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When a Troll gets close to you, there is a chance it can perform one of two different Hogwarts Legacy attacks with its club. If it performs a downward swing attack, you will see a yellow mark appear on your character’s head. Use Protego during this time to block the club. Immediately after you block the club, cast Flipendo. This will cause the club to flip into the Troll’s face, stunning it for a brief period of time.

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The second method of stunning a Troll doesn’t require you to have a specific spell like flipping its club does. Trolls can perform a ranged attack where they grab a large rock and chuck it at you. You will see the same yellow circle appear around your character’s head during this time. Use Protego to block the rock and then immediately hit the throw button which defaults to the right bumper on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation. This will cause you to hurl the rock back at the Troll, stunning it again. Make sure to pick up the well-earned Troll Bogeys when you defeat the Hogwarts Legacy Troll.

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