Where to get Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy

These are not the best resources, but they’re useful to someone.

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Troll Bogie is one of the many resources you’re going to need to find while exploring Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a beneficial ingredient that you need to track down for several potions you can create in the game. Like many resources, adding it to your inventory can take a bit of time, but there are a handful of locations you can visit. Here’s what you need to know about where to get Troll Bogie in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy

As you might imagine, you’re going to need to track down a troll. These can appear in several locations, but there’s a reliable area where you can find one that’s not too far away from Hogwarts. There is a Troll lair in the Forbidden Forest, on the east side of the region, where you can find a Troll lair. This is a reliable location to find a powerful troll and defeat them. The Troll you encounter here should be a Forest Troll.

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You can walk to this location, take your broomstick, and fly there. When you arrive at the lair, the trolTrolll be there. For us, we encountered it when it was level 21, making it a difficult encounter. However, depending on the difficulty you’re playing Hogwarts Legacy, this fight might be easier or more manageable for you. You’ll want to bring plenty of Wiggenweld potions, and have a wide variety of spells to use against them.

Upon defeating thTrollll, it will drop the Troll Bogeys, and you can collect them. You’re likely trying to complete Professor Onai’s assignment and attempting to unlock Descendo. The next step is to cast Depulso on a levitated enemy, which means you need to use Depulso on a foe you’ve used Levioso or Accio on.

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