How to focus your party on one enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Work together as a team.

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Battling in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be challenging because of the number of enemies you will be fighting against. You have a party of six characters, plus a hero, working together to defend each other. However, it can become complicated when your party fights multiple enemies and they don’t focus on a single target. This guide details how to focus your party on one enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to focus fire on an enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You can focus your party on one enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by clicking a particular setting in the tactics options. You can issue orders to all of your characters in the party. One of the orders you can give them is to focus fire on a single target. This order can be found on the top option when you hold the ZL button and bring up the tactics menu.

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The option will read “Focus Attacks.” You want to make sure this choice is highlighted. While this is available, all characters in your party will aim their attacks at the one you are targeting, bringing them together, and they will start attacking this enemy. However, it does leave the other enemies open to attacking everyone else in your party. If your tanks are not using AoE aggro attacks, these enemies will likely begin attacking the Attacker or Healer party members, potentially causing more issues. We recommend having your main party member be a tank to do that yourself, or have your Defender role use the AoE aggro attacks.

You can ensure the rest of your party is not being targeted by following the directional lines of the enemy. These are the blue lines connecting an enemy to one of your party members. If the line is red, it’s because the enemy is targeting you.