How to gain lives in Champion Hill in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Stay in the game.

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In Champion Hill, the small reserve of lives you and your team share are going to keep you in the game for Call of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer quick-fire deathmatch fights. You can expect to lose a handful of them every so often, or you might get lucky and walk away from a round without having lost any, eliminating the enemy team. However, there are a few ways you regain lives, increasing your chances of surviving and making it to the final round. Here’s how you can gain lives in Champion Hill.

You’ll have a small chance to obtain more lives each round by obtaining the coin hovering at the middle of the map. Any team can collect this coin, and the one that does will receive an extra life. The real trick is to obtain the life before being gunned down by the enemy team. You’ll have to grab it quickly and run away before they see you. Alternatively, you could wait for the enemy team to go for it and take them out before they can get it.

The second method is to purchase it during the buy round. Whenever a buy round happens, you’ll have the opportunity to spend cash on lives from the Support buy station. You cannot exceed the maximum amount of lives you start in Champion Hill. These lives cost $3,000.

Knowing how to obtain more lives is helpful, but it all comes down to skill and communication with your squadmates. The more you talk and work together, the more success you’re going to have.