When Are Call of Duty Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass owners might be able to check out some older Call of Duty games when the deal is finalized.

Call of Duty COD Warzone Pacific weapon exploit

Image via Activision Blizzard

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With the announcement of Activision and Blizzard joining the Microsoft family, you might wonder where many of the larger games will be headed. One of the many larger franchises set to join Microsoft is the Call of Duty series, alongside every game that has released for it, and future installments.

Multiple Call of Duty games are in the franchise, and each year a brand new one arrives, building on the previous ones. With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision, will Call of Duty games be coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Call of Duty Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Image via Raven Software

With the deal between Activision and Microsoft coming to a close, there are several predictions that the Call of Duty franchise could find its way to the Xbox Game Pass service sometime in early 2024. There have been no exact release dates, but this is the growing prediction as Activision and Blizzard prepare for the final deal.

We have a better idea now that the Activision and Blizzard Twitter page has officially shared that they believe this will happen in 2024. They did not confirm that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Diablo IV would not arrive at Game Pass in 2023, though, so we won’t expect them to arrive before the end of this year. The definitive update is extremely interesting, and 2024 could see plenty of changes for Xbox Game Pass, perhaps making it a much more enticing deal for anyone who doesn’t already have access to this subscription service.

Although we have an update, no exact date of announcement has been shared about when this will be more definitive. The Call of Duty franchise has a massive library of games, and with a new one coming out every year, the Xbox Game Pass could make it much easier for nearly everyone to have it on their PC or Xbox consoles.