How to gain prestige in Crusader Kings 3

How many kingdoms speak your name?

Your ruler in Crusader Kings 3 needs to gain respect from others around the world. They cannot do that by merely owning a piece of land. They have to prove they deserve it, and that means you need to acquire prestige. A ruler’s prestige shows how much fame and social standing they have as a ruler. The more youre have, the more others respect you and are willing to listen to your wisdom. You can use it similar to currency, expand your empire, and use it to solidify your history placement.

You can see the amount of prestige your ruler has on the top right section of your UI, to the right of their income. Your ruler has a monthly prestige score that increases as time goes by. The level of prestige the character receives never goes down unless they perform an action that forces them to lose fame. Otherwise, suppose they are paying for something using their prestige. In that case, their fame never decreases, but the banked prestige goes down.

Beyond the monthly prestige score, ruler gains prestige by performing unique actions, and you can see if a certain action during a random event will earn you prestige, or if you need to pay for it. Hover over action to see if it will cost you anything before confirming it. The random actions are a great way to increase your ruler’s standing for their vassals and other kingdoms worldwide.

The random events are not the only way you can expect to gain prestige. Multiple methods are available to you.

  • Starting wars and winning
  • Assisting in wars with allies and winning
  • Performing decisions, such as having a Great Hunt or a Feast
  • Having a higher diplomacy skill
  • Raiding an enemy territory
  • Doing something heroic

You can expect to encounter several random events where your character has the opportunity to gain prestige. Sometimes you gain it over choosing to gain piety or currency. Other times, your character has a chance to gain it, along with another action. Your ruler’s stats increase or decrease the chances of it happening.

Make sure to double-check your monthly prestige, and don’t be frugal with it. As a ruler in Crusader Kings 3, it’s essential to use your currency to make things happen.