How to gain rep with the Artisan’s Consortium in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

It ain’t much, but it’s an honest living.

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has completely redesigned the methods and grind of reputations. The Dragon Isles introduces players to four new major factions, and each one of them has a large amount of renown ranks with unique rewards with every rank unlock. One of these factions, the Valdrakken Accord, actually has three smaller sub factions with their own reputation system. One of them, The Artisan’s Consortium, is not very prevalent or clear to players when trying to understand how to gain reputation with them. It is a very important faction for professions however, and players will want to keep up on it.

Grinding reputation with the Artisan’s Consortium in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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There are actually only a few known methods to obtain reputation with the Artisan’s Consortium as of now, and most of them seem to be weekly. The reputation quartermaster, Rabul, is found in Valdrakken at 35, 59. He offers a bunch of useful things for crafters.

The first way to gain reputation with this faction is by completing a weekly quest per profession to complete 5 crafting orders for your profession. Crafting orders are placed by other players and can be searched by the NPCs to the left of the Artisan’s Consortium quartermaster.

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The other weekly method for reputation comes from doing your weekly profession quests offered by your profession trainers once you reach 50 skill in that particular profession. They are easy to complete and usually just require crafting a few specific items. Gatherers can go collect materials in the world for their weekly.

Aside from these two methods, the only other way to slowly gain reputation with the Artisan’s Consortium is by utilizing a Contract: Artisan’s Consortium item purchased on the auction house or made by inscription to make all world quests completed give a few Artisan’s Consortium reputation points for the week.

Artisan’s Consortium reputation ranks

The Artisan’s Consortium reputation has several rank categories as you progress instead of a full-fledged renown system. Each rank requires an increasing amount of reputation to progress.

  • Neutral – 0 rep
  • Preferred – 500 rep
  • Respected – 2500 rep
  • Valued – 5500 rep
  • Esteemed – 12500 rep

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The Artisan’s Consortium is super useful for crafters who wish to get some rare recipes for their professions and is a great source of profession knowledge. It offers some unique schematics at higher reputation ranks. There are even more new secrets to discover in The Dragon Isles.