How to gather resources in Disciples: Liberation

Keep earning resources.

Image via Kalypso Media

You’ll be capturing resource nodes in the many regions that you travel through in Disciples: Liberation. Those resources are headed straight to your keep at Yllian where you can use them to upgrade your forces, build new structures, and craft spells for your main character. However, they eventually reach a particular cap, and you’ll have to accept those resources. When your stockpiles reach their maximum capacity, you’ll need to return to Yllian to retrieve them.

You’ll receive a notification on the lower left of your HUD when a resource has reached its maximum amount. That means a resource node you’ve captured cannot earn you more of that particular resource. You will need to return to Yllian to gather your resources and add them to your stockpile.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you return to Yllian, you now need to click on the castle at the very center of your settlement. From there, you need to hit the Gather Resources tab, and you’ll see all the resources you’ve received from the various nodes you control in the many territories. All of the resources from each storage unit will be added to your total stockpile, and the nodes will continue harvesting them automatically for you once you accept them.

You have to do this every time for all of the resources you have throughout Disciples: Liberation. So it’s better to return to Yllian frequently to ensure none of them are wasted.