How to generate Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

Get powered up guardian.

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Destiny 2 focuses on becoming the most powerful alien killing guardian you can be. While you can certainly become more powerful by finding new loot and leveling up your guardian, the primary way to become more powerful on the battlefield is by generating and collecting Orbs of Power. Being easy to generate and simple to use, Orbs of Power will give you the boost you need to wipe out crowds of enemies and keep the fight going against the darkness.

Masterwork those weapons

The primary way of generating Orbs of Power is by getting multi-kills with masterworked weapons. This isn’t limited to exotics either, any weapon that is fully upgraded will generate an Orb of Power once you’ve completed a multi-kill. While all weapons are able to do this, certain weapon types will excel at maximizing the number of orbs you can generate. Submachine guns and Sidearms are the popular choices due to their high fire rate and damage against minor enemies, but Auto Rifles and Hand Cannons work well too.

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Orbs of Power that are generated from masterworked weapon multi-kills are especially strong because the player that generates them can also collect them. So if you need to complete a bounty that involves supers or Orbs of Power, find a large group of enemies and get to shredding through as many of them as you can.

Cast those supers

Before masterworking weapons was a thing, casting and using your super was the only way to generate Orbs of Power. Now, supers are the secondary way to generate Orbs, but are just as important as using masterworked weapons. Depending on the super you are using, you can generate up to nine Orbs of Power for your team to take advantage of.

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While you cannot pick up Orbs of Power generated by your super, your teammates can benefit greatly from them. If you generate the maximum amount of Orbs, you can start to chain supers with your teammates. This stacking of supers and constant generation of Orbs of Power is a popular tactic when it comes to harder content such as raids or dungeons.

Best places to generate Orbs of Power

Generally speaking, places with a high volume of enemies tend to work the best for generating tons of Orbs of Power. While you can generate them practically anywhere in Destiny 2, endless wave style activities such as the Blind Well in the Dreaming City and the Alters of Sorrow on the Moon will be your best friend here. You will probably find a lot of other guardians generating Orbs of Power at these destinations as well, making it even easier for you to stack kills and cast your super as many times as you want.