How to get a Bug Net in Core Keeper

Get ready to spice up your base with some cute bugs!

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As you walk around the dungeons and caverns of Core Keeper, you might stumble into some friendly bugs here and there. Though you don’t want to, you just keep stepping on them on every occasion. With the help of the newly added Bug Net, players can now catch the little critters that wander around their Core Keeper base. So, to save the life of countless insects, here is how you can get your hands on a Bug Net in Core Keeper.

Crafting a Bug Net in Core Keeper

The Bug Net isn’t an item you can randomly find in Core Keeper, however, you can easily craft it using some of the most basic items in the game. To craft the Bug Net, you will need to have Tin Workbench. If you don’t have a Tin Workbench for some reason, you will need to head over to your Basic Workbench and use 1 Wood, 6 Copper Bars, and 15 Tin Bars to make it.

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At your Tin Workbench, look in the Tools category on the left and you will find Core Keeper’s Bug Net. To craft this useful tool, you will need 8 Wood and 8 Fiber.

To use the Bug Net in Core Keeper, you just need to get close to any type of insect (worm, glowbugs, etc.) and attack them with the tool equipped. Players can use the Bug Net to catch the beautiful glowbugs that can be found around the caverns and place them at their base, for some lighting and to improve their home’s beauty.

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Some players might realize that the Tin Hoe has disappeared from its original spot, as the Bug Net managed to take its place in the Tin Workbench Tools spot. The Tin Hoe can now only be obtained from various crates and chests in the Dirt and Clay biomes.