How to get a Four Leaf Clover Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

More like St. Pikmin’s Day.

Image via Niantic

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Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom is all about plucking and raising the cute little creatures from Nintendo’s Pikmin franchise. Its St. Patrick’s Day event was recently announced, and now you can earn yourself a fancy Four Leaf Clover Decor Pikmin in the game.

You don’t have to go out of your way to find one, but getting one is, appropriately enough, based on a bit of luck. While playing Pikmin Bloom, look for seedlings marked with the Special Event label. Instead of the usual flower-topped Pikmin, this seedling will grow up to have a Clover Decor. Just like in real life, this will often be the typical three-tipped clover. However, there’s a chance it will sprout a Four Leaf Clover Decor — it’s just a matter of luck.

You can only have one Special Event seedling in your inventory at a time, so be sure to pluck it and raise it to see if you’ve gotten lucky. If not, you’ll just have to keep grabbing Special Event seedlings until you do. Fortunately, you have a nice window to do this, as the event extends beyond just St. Patrick’s Day itself. It’s running through Sunday, March 20. Make sure your Pikmin Bloom app is updated too, or Special Event seedlings won’t appear at all.

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